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Building Signs

Channel Letters are the first choice for business owner as well as city planner. Today most all come with LED internal illuminated. front lid, back lid (hallo) or dual lid.
consuming channel letters must choose a sign contractor. City permit always require by law.

Regular channel letters is only front lid with acrylic face. most color red, blue, yellow, green. some time white face contour with color adhesive vinyl lettering or another layer of acrylic ( city require such South Pasadena) most city planner prefer LED for safety & energy saving.

Reverse channel letters is back lid (hallo). face & return fabricate with aluminum. Paint in many color. most used by big corporation, salon, or some want to show mystery in style.

 Dual lid is popular these day. combine both above. restaurant, business location in plaza.

 Expo channel letters is the only channel letters still used neon. style call expo channel letter, which the neon is seen in classic style. without face or clear acrylic face for weather protection.expo channel still exist around bars & old restaurant, country side motel.

There is no one type of advertising that works for every situation, which is why it's a good idea to put a bit of thought into what types of building signs work best for your enterprise. For instance, if you are on a busy roadway, you want a bright, snappy sign that can be read at a moment's notice. This is an ideal situation to use neon.

If you have a booth indoors, where you may be hesitant to use neon, the Sign Merchant offers good-looking LED signs at remarkably affordable pricing. Banners, too, work well both indoors and outdoors. We have ready-made banners advertising sales, grand openings, red tag sales, and others. If you need something unique, we are happy to customize banners. We offer free shipping on our ready-made and our customized banners.

Neon Building Signs

Expo neon is bear neon mount direct on to wall or mount on a decoration raceway. for classic looks. it is actually the former style of expo channel letter with out the channel. almost out of date in rural city. still see around liquor store, old bar, motel in around urban.

Neon Border is neon tube up to 8' long mount direct on to wall. interior & exterior outline to give a high light to the business structure or bordered around windows for more expo. still hot those day which can not be replace by LED light. permit require for exterior

Neon window signs get straight to the point, they don't take much room, and almost everyone notices them. They work with both foot and automobile traffic, and are always highly visible. Despite popular belief, however, neon needn't be expensive. The Sign Merchant offers low Internet pricing on many neon business signs, and we can also customize your neon order.

and More!
The Sign Merchant even has portable banner display stands so that you can move the banner to areas of high traffic. This type of advertising works especially well in malls and crowded shopping centers, where foot traffic is dense, and consumers' eyes are looking straight ahead, as opposed to higher up, where business signs tend to be.

Our signage works for all types and sizes of business. From bars and restaurants to nail salons to lumber yards, every business wants to attract customers. The best way to do this is to attract attention, and our signs are snappy, bright, and competitively priced.

Business Advertising Signs

A simple, neon "Open" sign is one of the most effective of business advertising signs. So many purchases and store visits are done spontaneously, at the last minute. People will remember errands on the way home, or on their lunch hour, and if you boast clear, effective business advertising signs, you can benefit from this business.

Business signs can be as simple as your business's name in neon lights, to offering important information, such as whether or not you take ATM cards or cash paychecks. Posting your hours in neon is also a great way to garner loyal customers, as you spare them the aggravation of making wasted trips.

We Sell and Ship Business Advertising Signs!
The Sign Merchant has all kinds of neon signs for sale for low, low prices, and we also make custom signs and banners. If you are unsure which signs will work best for you and your business, it's a good idea to browse our website. We offer all kinds of sign ideas, and you can see what's work for other business owners.

You don't want to over-advertise your business, no matter what your industry, by putting up too many signs. This actually dilutes the effect of your advertising. Instead, you want sharp, effective signs that attract the eye without exhausting it. The Sign Merchant has eye-catching signs in all sizes and styles, so that you can make a solid business decision concerning your signage.

Business Signs

Business owners spend a lot of time on their product and their services, but all of these are invisible to potential clients without the right business signs. Advertising is never simply an afterthought to the smart business person. He or she knows that no matter how worthy the product is, if people don't know about it, it's useless!

Business signs come in all sizes, shapes, and types. Some, however, have proven to be more efficacious than others. For instance, neon sings are becoming more and more popular as business owners realize that these simple, bright signs bring in more business than more elaborate or costly advertising methods. Neon is a substance that glows brightly, without using a lot of energy, making it the obvious choice for business signage.

Find the Best Business Signs, Cheap

Window neon signs can be as small as 13 inches by 30, and come with extension cords to make placement easy. You can use our neon signs to advertise everything from auto insurance (a growing industry!) to balloons to bridal wear. Our prices are competitive, and we even offer free, fast shipping on some of our banner items.




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